Google Summer of Code!

We had a seminar in our University about GSoC. And it seemed like a really good opportunity to learn and contribute to the open source community.

So I recently applied for Google Summer of Code internship. After searching and going through quite a few projects to work on. I stumbled upon LibreHealth. As I was going through their forums and projects. I really liked the community and the type of work they were doing. Also I found a project related to FHIR and web components.

My final year project was also related to FHIR and web. So that was a perfect fit. I knew I had to apply for it. Robby O’Connor was really helpful through out the period of project selection and helped me work on my proposal.

On 6 May the accepted students were announced and I was so happy that my name was in it. I am really looking forward to working on this project. I am assigned 2 mentors. Saptarshi Purkayastha & Ivange Larry. I hope I can learn a lot from them and work under their guidance in completing the project.

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