Working on lh-tookit app.

After completing the LH tookit resources. I was advised to also work on the LH toolkit app. The is made to show the proof of concept of how the components will work in a real application. The app is currently available at:

Current State:

Currently the app contains the following views:

  1. Create Patient
  2. Search
  3. Manage Users
  4. Location
  5. Organization
  6. Settings

Material Web Components:

As we have talked before about the material web components. The current UI kit that we are using does not have all the components that we require for example in the existing demo we have native elements for select, date and time etc.

So I will also be forced to use the native elements for the components. Until their respective web components are released and then I will replace them with the material web components.

To Do:

I will also be creating similar views for the resources that I created. That would be

  1. Create Appointment
  2. Appointment Response
  3. Add Slot
  4. Add Schedule
  5. Diagnostic Report
  6. Condition

The application is also in Polymer. And was created using the pwa-starter-kit provided by Polymer. The structure is fairly simple. Let’s see how it turns out. As I am writing this post. I have already started work on this and I will soon be able to update on the progress. Hopefully by the end of this month.

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